Childish Gambino x Rihanna in new hit Amazon Prime Movie “Guava Island”

Last summer, Pictures surfaced of “Rihanna” and “Childish Gambino” in the Caribbean on the the island of Cuba. We all automatically thought;  New video and new music!

Though new music wasn’t the case, the outcome didn’t cease our excitement.

“Guava Island,” an intricately put together story based on colonization and the affects that follow, which also include a “savior” that stands for freedom of their people. “Childish Gambino’s” character role in “Guava Island” is almost scary how it resembles “Nipsey Hussle’s” role in his community and the timing of the movies release is also very interesting; almost aligning with the funeral of the Compton rapper.

I highly recommend this short film, here’s a short clip released from Amazon Prime below.