KAWS Latest Venture

KAWS also know by the government name of Brian Donnelly, a unique artist and designer from Jersey City, New Jersey has made quite a name for himself within the last five years. He has establish his own limited toy collection with unique designs from shelf to life- like sized toys. These toys have attracted artist like Chris Brown, Kylie Jenner, Blacc Chyna and more alongside building a brand “KAWS” that has extended into clothing allowing Brian to collaborate with quite a few different companies like A Bathing Ape, NIKE, Vans etc.

Aside from his major accomplishments and achieved success this year maybe one of the most talked about collaborations of his thus far. Now launching a new work of art with a hint of KAWS and the Jordan brand let me introduce to you all Air X KAWS looking to debut later this month at the price of $350 may be one of the most talked about sneakers this year. Check it below.



Written By: Chunnie_ Doll

Video By: Bloomberg