Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

Kendrick Lamar latest album DAMN is putting the music industry on its ear an calling every rapper out to step up there bars. Kung- Fu Kenny delivered  the visuals for “DNA.”, The cinematic clip begins with a scene in which actor Don Cheadle  plays a police detective interrogating a handcuffed Lamar.Which is one of the many standout tracks appearing on his latest album DAMN. . But when Cheadle begins administering a liar detector test, he immediately becomes possessed and begins rapping along to the song.

Lamar is releases him  self from the handcuffs an finds him self  back onto the streets while wearing a traditional Kung- Fu garb an joins a night with the homies on a crap game, Schoolboy Q also make appearance. The video concludes with an outro not heard on the album version you can watch  visuals the  below.