Kim X Seeking Forever

Rapper and Florida native Kim is one of the best rappers I’ve heard in a very long time. His debut album “Seeking Forever” has created a new standard for up coming rappers by releasing his first album that compete with Grammy nominated artist creatively and lyrically. Kim was discovered by Rapper T.I. and released his “Seeking Forever” album July of 2017. I may seem a little dated on the exposure of rapper Kim but recently, in the midst of the H&M “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle” scandal, Kim reasserted himself by releasing the record “Royalty” combined with some pretty amazing album art about the controversial topic. Kim’s Royalty record not only verbally actualizes what is to be a black man (indigenous) but also what struggles Blacks (indigenous) still face in this country and many others.

After listening to his album “Seeking Forever” on repeat and choosing to listen to him over your Top 5, I can definitely say Kim has a style that is impeccable, incomparable (unless you’re saying he is a revived young Kanye) and a uniqueness that sounds effortless which impresses me alongside many others. Below I will post a stream of his album “Seeking Forever.”