“Who is New Break out Artist Zacari?

Zacari the newcomer artist made a appearance on Lamar’s highly talk about project D.A.M.N which features from Rihanna and U2. Before today, many may not have known Zacari’s name, but thanks to Kendrick’s this may now change. The 23-year-old calls this experience “unbelievable an says to have a song with a guy like Kendrick Lamar in this generation, is like back in the days, having a song with 2Pac, basically,” he said. “It’s legendary.”

Zacari met Kendrick Lamar through mutual friends an his manager Moosa Tiffith of Top Dawg Entertainment Lamar heard Zacari’s vocals on Isaiah Rashad’s (The Sun’s Tirade) previously and was interested in hearing more of his music. Zacari has worked with other artists  in previous years such as Ab-Soul’s “Raw (Backwards) off the album Do What Thou Wilt. You check out a few of Zacari previous tracks an features below…





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