Nicki Minaj, Fashion Week & Picasso

It’s Fashion Week in Paris and Nicki Minaj is stirring up a lot of commotion as she graces herself in attendance of a few fashion shows alongside after parties in the City of love. In the midst of conflict for the Queen of Rap throne that she’s held diligently for almost a decade and going, this Queen seems completely unbothered. Earlier this week rap artist Remy Ma released yet another diss record “Another One” towards Nicki Minaj not long after her first diss record “Shether” which came with a lot of hype. With no direct response from Nicki herself we can speculate that she isn’t shaken by these diss records at all, keeping herself busy in latest record with Gucci Mane “Make Love” where she drops those usual Nicki rhymes that we all love, also making appearances with rapper Future for a secret video shoot to now being seen in Paris wearing Balmain at the Balmain Fashion Week after party aside fashion designer/creative director for Balmain Olivier Rousteing. Nicki Minaj is definitely taking a deaf ear to all the continued fuss as she shines brightly this week. 



While on the subject of Queen of Rap, Paris and fashion, this week Nicki Minaj posted a picture of herself in Paris near the Eiffel Tower wearing something that seems to be very Lil’ Kim inspired. Not long after posting her picture of latest fashion trend she also posted a famous art piece named “La Femme à l’Éventail” painted by Picasso in 1907 of a negro woman. Where he creatively and beautifully expressed his thoughts on the femininity of Black women during his time period, Nicki hinting at where her inspiration for 2017 Paris Fashion Week wears derived from. Though Lil Kim is one of the first to wear this design publicly, the striking resemblance in fashion statement displayed in Picasso’s art work leaves some of us baffled and in awe. Aside from the Rap conflicts and Paris Fashion Week excitement we cannot dismiss and or miss a chance to acknowledge how in the future Pablo Picasso’s artwork truly was. Check it out below.


Written By: Chunnie_Doll