TIDAL Shares New Migos ‘Culture’ Documentary

“Last month, Migos dropped their new album Culture II. In celebration, TIDAL has shared an 18-minute “Migos Documentary titled Culture. The short film highlights the day before Culture‘s sold-out NYC release party, showcases footage of Migos performing and doing press interviews for more on the Atlanta rap trio,for the video you can check it out below.





























So are you able the migo’s lingo? Well test you  Migos  vocab over here at http://www.thndr.io/migos_culture_2.  Fresh off of the release of Migos‘ Culture II, web developers Niko Draca and Alex Marttinen have created a website to test your Culture II ad-libs knowledge. The game takes all 2,262 lines from the album with players having to finish the rap lyrics by placing the correct ad-lib to it.

Draca explained their reason behind the website, “The album had just come out and we thought it would be an interesting exploration. We ran a couple scripts and found out that over 70 percent of the lines on the album had at least one ad-lib and were curious to see what else we could come up with.”

Head over to Niko Draca and Alex Marttinen’s Migos Culture II ad-libs website to test your knowledge now. Stream Culture II below.